CoolSculpting Body Contouring

Sample Image What is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is the only FDA-cleared fat-freezing, fat-reduction, non-invasive treatment that uses controlled cooling to eliminate stubborn fat that resists all efforts through diet and exercise. The results are proven, noticeable, and lasting.

Fat Reduction vs Weight Loss

The number of fat cells in our bodies becomes a fixed number typically in our teenage years. Losing or gaining weight generally does not increase or decrease the number of fat cells. Instead weight gain or loss changes the size of fat cells.

How does CoolSculpting work?

The CoolSculpting procedure safely delivers precisely controlled cooling to gently and effectively target the fat cells underneath the skin. Treated fat cells are crystalized (frozen), then die. Over time, your body naturally processes the fat and eliminates these dead cells, leaving a more sculpted you. Treatment Areas

Before & Afters view more before-after images

CoolSculpting Before After Images CoolSculpting Before After Images CoolSculpting Before After Images CoolSculpting Before After Images


*Consult with your physician or medical practitioner prior to using CoolSculpting if you have any chronic health issues, pacemaker, pregnant, recent surgery or injury.
* For CoolSculpting packages of $1000 or more, financing is available.

Call today to schedule your consultation with our Nurse Practitioner or Aesthetician to see if you are a candidate for this therapy.

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